Arizona Mobile Notary Highlights the Benefits of Using a Mobile Notary

Anyone who has needed to have documents notarized understands the value of a notary. However, the value of a mobile notary may not be as widely known. AZ Docs, a Tucson, AZ mobile notary, is highlighting the benefits of using a mobile notary service.


Although a notary can be found at UPS stores and banks, notaries are not guaranteed to be found at these locations. Employees can be unpredictable, and if an employee is sick or out to lunch, there may not be anyone filling in to replace them.


Banks and UPS stores are not authorized to notarize all documents and can be surprisingly limited in the range of documents they can notarize. For instance, banks notarize a vehicle title transfer at no cost to members, but they will not notarize wills, trusts, or power of attorney documents. AZ Docs notarizes all three types of certificates in Arizona — Acknowledgement, Jurat, and Copy Certification.


The most attractive benefit of using a mobile notary is the convenience of the service. UPS stores and banks are not always conveniently located, but a Tucson mobile notary will come to the client on the client’s schedule. The client determines the time and place of the meeting.


While there is a travel fee, the actual notarization fees are similar to traditional notaries. Mobile notaries in Tucson generally charge a travel fee of between $60 to $80, depending on travel distance. In addition, they charge $10 per document to be notarized. However, when considering the cost of gas and the inconvenience of having to leave the house, mobile notary services offer a great value for clients.

More Information About Mobile Notaries

Notary publics in Arizona are registered with the state and are required to carry a surety bond of $5,000. In addition, certifications and training are available, but they are not required. Many notaries also have Error and Omission Insurance policies and background checks; however, they are also not required.

People often wonder, “How do I find a mobile notary near me?” There are several online resources for finding notary. While a Google search can yield the desired results, using a notary directory may be more helpful. The benefit of a notary directory is that people can filter results by terms such as “certifications,” “background screening,” and “insurance.”

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