AZ Docs Mobile Notary Services of Arizona was started in 2019. As banks and other service companies began to close their doors, the need for mobile notaries is in great demand. With the added convenience of voice searching from a smartphone "real estate notary near me" it's easy to find a notary.

Real estate notaries have special training and are known as Notary Signing Agents.  Notarization for real estate transactions requires extra time, knowledge, and patience. Title companies will typically only hire experienced notaries to handle loan closings, as banks can be very particular about the details. This includes using blue ink and having consistency in signature style and dates.

Most real estate agents do not dictate the closing agent notary. The title company will hire the loan closing notary and usually pay within 10 days. Here are some things to think about when looking for a notary in to be involved in real estate transactions.
Real Estate notary services

Real estate notarizations take extra time

The total time it takes to visit a loan signing appointment is substantial in most cases.  Getting through the paperwork process takes organization and thoroughness. The signers may have questions about the loan documents. However, signing agents can only provide general definitions of what the document is stating. All questions related to the information on the documents will need to be redirected to the mortgage company.

There may be more than one signer

In many cases, there are two signers, a primary and a secondary. This means that each signature and initial must be done by each signer. Obviously this only increases the need to be detailed and organized during the signing process.

Blue ink is the standard

Another thing to know about real estate loan signings is that most financial institutions will require original documents signed in blue ink. They do not want just a copy or a signature that looks like a copy. Loan documents have a lot of legalities associated with them.