Healthcare Notary Services in Phoenix

A healthcare notary travels to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, or rehabilitation centers. It is a traveling notary service for situations that have mobility limitations.

Is there a notary at the hospital, rehab, or other facilities?

If you were searching for a notary in a hospital setting, what would you find? Well, it depends, but even when there is a notary in a healthcare facility, they may not be available. A simple Google search will bring you results for a mobile notary or traveling notary. This is a good option but not all notary publics are willing to take the time to visit a healthcare facility. It can be an involved process of coordinating schedules, locating patients, and gaining clearance.

Hospital Notary Services

Hospital notary services are an important part of the healthcare system. They provide a vital service to patients and families by ensuring that legal documents are properly executed. Many hospitals have notary services available, but they are often underutilized. This is likely due to a lack of awareness of the service, as well as the misconception that notarization is only required for documents related to business or finance. In reality, any document that requires a witness's signature can be notarized. This includes advance directives, powers of attorney, and consent forms.

Notary Services for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Many skilled nursing facilities are in need of notary services for their residents. This is a great way for residents to take care of legal matters when unable to leave their location. Notary services are for signing documents, witnessing signatures, and taking oaths. This service is critical to nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

Assisted Living Notary Services

If a resident of an assisted living home or facility needs notary services, a mobile notary can help. It is a valuable service for residents who may not be able to find a notary public on their own. Many assisted living homes, sometimes referred to as senior group homes, do not have a notary public and cannot provide notarizations.

Rehabilitation Facility Notary

If you are looking for a notary public in a rehabilitation center, there are only a few options available. There may be an employee that is a notary in the facility if it is a larger hospital. You may also use a notary public that you know, as long as there is not a conflict of interest. Finally, you can find a mobile notary who is willing to travel to the facility.

Experienced Mobile Notary Services

At AZ Docs Mobile Notary we specialize in healthcare notarization. We visit hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and rehabilitation centers to get documents notarized. Don't waste time with an inexperienced mobile notary. We are dependable and accurate in our process. We service the entire Phoenix East Valley.